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Welcome to Watton Sure Start Children’s Centre

Your view matters, please help Watton Children’s Centre by completing the link below. This will allow you to give your opinion on the future of the Children’s Centres. Thank you in advance for helping us.


Our Vision Statement

Watton Children’s Centre aims to be an inclusive community ‘Centre of Excellence’ building stronger links to support, empower and encourage families to improve positive outcomes through approachable, knowledgeable staff in a welcoming and safe non judgemental environment.

Welcome to Watton Children’s Centre and our Activity Programme.  The team are all working hard to ensure the services are running smoothly and that our Adult Learning programme is promoted.  To ensure we deliver services in line with what you want, as part of the Centre’s ongoing development we welcome parents to write a blog on their experience of the Children’s Centre, no matter how short or long tell us about how the Children’s Centre is for you and your child/children, we would love to share this with other service users so they too can come and experience Watton Children’s Centre.

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